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CFA Franc: a Colonial relic


The former sub-Saharan French colonies did not have to fight for their independence. De Gaulle, then President of France, granted it to them. These countries undertook immediately to dismantle the federal structure in which they were operating and erected trade barriers between them.

Paradoxically, they kept the CFA as their common currency. They surrendered the management of 65% of their foreign More >

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Sanou MBaye suggests that the price of maintaining links with France is too high


FOURTEEN OF THE former West African French colonies use the CFA franc, whose exchange rate is pegged to the French franc, as a common currency. The CFA franc was created, in its initial form, in the 19th century to help France shape and control the economies of her colonies. The scheme was quite useful to France, which it helped to resist the tremors of the economic crises of the 1930s; it was More >


Senegal: Contrasting achievements in political and economic changes

FROM THE LATE seventies to the present, Senegal has been going through a major political and economic change designed to generate economic growth and development. An appraisal of the results generated by these changes would show a picture of contrasting achievements.

On the political front, the agreement between the government and two opposition parties to form a coalition government has brought More >

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